Love - Romantic SMS [Love - Romantic SMS]

Added 11 months ago

‪‎ये‬‪ मुलाकात‬ एक‪ बहाना‬ है
‪प्यार‬ का‪ सिलसिला‬ पुराना है..‪

धड़कने‬‪ ‎धड़कनों‬ में‪ खो‬ जायें‪
दिल‬ को दिल के‪ क़रीब‬‪ ‎लाना‬ है..

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Added 11 months ago

Yu To Adat Nahi Muje Palat Kar
Dekhne Ki

Tujhe Dekha To Laga Ek Baar Aur
Dekh Lu..!

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Added 11 months ago

One Word Frees Us Of All The Weight
And Pain Of Life
That Word Is Love..!

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Added 11 months ago

Romance Is A Glamour Which
Turns The Dust Of Everyday Life
Into A Golden Haze..!

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Added 11 months ago

There Is Never A Time Or Place
For True Love
It Happens Accidentally In A Heart
Beat In A Single Flashing Throbbing

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