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Added 3 years ago

Nobody Teaches Sun To Rise
Fish To Swim, Birds To Fly
Plants To Grow, Child To Cry
Nobody Teaches A Heart To
Choose A Frnd Like U..!

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Added 3 years ago

Best Frnds Are Those Who Share
Without Hesitation, Care Without
Temptation, Remember Without Limitation
Who Even Love Without Communication..!

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Added 3 years ago

वक्त की यारी तो हर कोई करता है मेरे दोस्त.
मजा तो तब है जब वक्त बदल जाये पर यार ना बदले|:D:D

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Added 3 years ago

Apun Ki Zindagi Me Rakha Hi Kya Hai..

Kuch Taswire Yaar Ki.

Baki Bottle Sharab Ki:D:D

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Added 3 years ago

Frndship Is Just Like A Bridge
If U Dare And Feel Lonely Then
Cross It I Will Wait For U Another
If U Are Afraid To Cross It Then Call
Me I Will Cross It For U..!

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