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Added 2 years ago

What is the meaning of true friend?

Jab ek dost apni akhiri saansein le raha ho
aur uska dost ankho mein aansu le aye aur kahe,

*Chal uth Yaar Aaj last time
Maut ki Class Bunk Krte hain*

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Added 2 years ago

Kuchh Meethe pal Hamesa Yaad Aate Hai,
Palako Pe Aanshu Chhod Jate Hai|

Kal Koi Aur Mile To HUme Na Bhoolana,
Kyoki Dosti Ke Riste Jingbhar Kaam Aate Hai!!

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Added 2 years ago

My Friend Is My Medicine When
I Am In Pain
My Letter When I Am Far Away
My Smile When I Am Sad
My Handkerchief When I Cry
My Life When I Die...!

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Added 3 years ago

A Frnd Is Never A Coincidence
In Ur Life
They Are Meant To Enter Ur Life
To Bring U Joy And Laughter
So I Will Always Treasure The Frndship
Between Us..!

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Added 3 years ago

Frndship Is About Bringing Out The
Positive When Everything Seems Negative
Being Accepted For Who U Are
Being Able To Pick Up Right Where U Left Off
Sharing, Talking And Laughing..!

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