Day Wishes SMS [Gandhi Jayanti SMS]

Added 3 years ago

Ghunghru shobha deti hai,
Thirkte huve pavon me,
Komal charano me nahi,
Bhart apne dam par hai,
kisi ki sharano me nahi.
Mahatma gandhi amar rahe..:D:D


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Added 3 years ago

By idolizing Gandhiji as Mahatma,
We separate ourselves from lessons
Of his life as human being.
He belong in our hearts,
Not in a picture on the wall.:D:D

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Added 3 years ago

Just want to wish for peace,
Humanity, love and happiness
For the world on this
Gandhi Jayanti.

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Added 3 years ago

Wishing you all a
Very Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

Follow his foot steps and
Spread peace not hatred.:D:D

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Added 3 years ago

Mahatma Gandhi said,
Every moment of my life,
I realize that God is putting,
Me on my trial.:D:D

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