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Added 3 years ago

Rakshas pe punya ki jeet
Ram ki Seeta se aseemit preet

Ye to ek kaaran bhar hi tha..
Ho vijay satya ki sadaiv yahi hai reet!:D:D

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Added 3 years ago

May Lord Rama bless you by eliminating the
D: Devil in
U: Ur life by giving you
S: Splendid and
S: Sparkling
E: Energy which brings
H: Happiness,
R: Riches and
A: Abundance!

Happy Dussehra 2015.:D:D

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Added 3 years ago

May The Nine Nights Of Navratri
Bring Grace,Joy And Fun
Let's Worship Goddess Durga And
The Prayers Be Done
Time To Perform Dandiya And Play
Around In Circles
Stage A Mock Fight With Mahishasura
Which Durga Won
Wish U Very Happy And Blessed
Happy Navratri

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Added 3 years ago

Time To Revive And Pray To Goddess Ambe
As Durga Maa Returns To Her Earthy Abode
Let's Light The Diyas And Decorate Our Houses
Time For Celebrations U Are Home Or Abroad
Sing The Holy Hymns
Prepare The Sumptuous Feast
May U Be Blessed At All Times With Inner Peace..!
Happy Navratri To All

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Added 3 years ago

Kya Hai Paapi Kya Hai Ghamandi
Maa Ke Dar Par Sabhi Shees Jhukate

Milta Hai Chain Tere Dar Pe Maiya
Jholi Bhar Ke Sabhi Hai Jate..!

Happy Navratri

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