Festival SMS [ Holi And Dhuleti SMS]

Added 4 years ago

शेर कभी छुप कर शिकार नहीं करते
बुज़दिल कभी खुलकर वार नहीं करते

हम तो वो हैं जो होली विश करने के लिए
मार्च का इंतज़ार नहीं करते

होली है!:D:D

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Added 4 years ago

बाज़ार के रंगों से
रंगने की मुझे जरुरत नहीं..

किसी की याद आते ही
ये चेहरा गुलाबी हो जाता है|:D:D

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Added 4 years ago

Ye Rango Ka Tyohar Aaya Hai,
Sath Apne Khushiya Laya Hai,

Humse Pehle Koi Rang Na De
Apko, Isliye Humne Shubh

Kamnao Ka Rang, Sabse Pehle
Bhijwaya Hai Happy Holi.:D:D

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Added 4 years ago

Pink For Love And Beauty;
Red For Courage And Vitality;
Yellow For Joy And Happiness;
Blue For Spirituality And Peace;
Gold For Prosperity And Wisdom;
Green For Fertility And Well-being;
And White For Purity And Cleanliness!
Have A Colourful Holi!:D:D

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Added 4 years ago

Some Crave For Sweets, Others Cry Or Laugh;
Let's Heighten The Revelry, De-stress And
The Air Is Filled With Aroma Of Flowers;
Let's Enjoy This Colourful And Organised
Have A Beautiful Holi!:D:D

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