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Added 7 years ago

A sweet smile, a gleeful face, twinkling eyes -- hope all these will.
be yours throughout the day when I wish you.
GOOD MORNING! God bless!

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Added 7 years ago

An ideal day should begin with
a cute little yawn on your face,
A cup of coffee in your hand &
A sms from me on your mobile?!
Have a great day!
Good Morning.

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Added 7 years ago

Today...I wish you a day of ordinary miracles
A fresh pot of coffee you didn"t make yourself.
An unexpected phone call from an old friend.
Green stoplights on your way to work or shop.

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Added 7 years ago

I went to sleep last night with a smile because I knew I"d be dreaming of you ...
but I woke up this morning with a smile because you weren"t a dream.

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Added 7 years ago

There are three ingredients in the good life: learning,
earning and yearning. Wish you all three,
Good Morning!!!

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