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Added 5 years ago

Diamond words by Bil Gates:
When u have money in hand, onlyu 4get who are u..
& When u have no money in ur hand, the whole world 4get who u are..
Thats life !

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Added 5 years ago

Life is suffering.
Once you learn to accept that life is suffering,
life will cease to be suffering.
- Buddha
Your aim is yours So dont changeit for others

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Added 5 years ago

Best line till today:
Your aim is yours So dont changeit for others
Your character is not yours so change it for others.

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Added 5 years ago

Jivan milna Bhagya ki baat hai,
Mrityu aana Samay ki baat hai,
Par Mrityu ke baad bhi logo ke Dilo mein Jivit rehna,
Ye KARMO ki baat hai

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Added 6 years ago

A great author says-
" I love photos. Sum1 asked why?
He replied photos never changes even when people change...!
Very true..:D :D

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