Winter SMS

Added 4 years ago

"Thand _aur_insult"
Jitni Mehsus Karoge Utni Jyada Lagegi*
Enjoy Life, Enjoy Winter!
Think Hatke,
Jiyo Datke!:D:D

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Added 4 years ago

मौसम इस कदर खुमारी मे है,
मेरा शहर भी शिमला होने की तैयारी में है...
Happy winter days

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Added 4 years ago

Taking Sips Of Coffee
Lying In Cozy Bed With Blanket Around
Reading Novel Or Watching Movie
Long Gossips With Friends !
Rain With Soft Music
Long Walk On Sea Shore At Night
With A Cup Of Tea In Hand
All U Can Enjoy Cause
It's Winter.:D:D

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Added 4 years ago

Drinking Coffee From A Mug Held With Gloved Hands
Having A Get Together With The Heater On
Having Chats On The Roof Wearing Cozy Sweaters And Mufflers
Enjoying Rain In A Parked Car
Strolling On A Calm Road At Night With A Cup Of Tea In Hand
Drawing Shapes On Fogged Window Panes
Taking A Walk In The Park With Dense Fog
Have A Blessed Winter.. :D:D

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Added 4 years ago

Aashiq Ko Aashiqi Ki Taraf Se,
Mehbuba Ko Uske Parwane Ki Taraf Se,

Dil Ko Uske Dhadkan Ki Taraf Se,
Aur Aapko Meri Aur Meri Kambal Ki Taraf
Se Thand Mubarak.:D:D
Happy Winter.

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