Maha Sivratri Sms

Added 5 years ago

May Lord Shiva shower his benign,

Blessings on you and your family.

May happiness and peace surround,

You with his eternal love and strength.

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Added 5 years ago

Happy Shivratri!! May Shivji shower,

His blessings on both of you.

Shaan hope you meet your,

Life partner soon and have a happy life.

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Added 5 years ago

Om me hi astha
Om me hi vishwas
Om me hi shakti
Om me hi sara sansar
Om se hoti hai achchhe din ki suruwaat
Bolo om namha shivay

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Added 5 years ago

Shivratri is a platonic festival for Shivbhagats. It is the most memorable day in my life.
I too have faith on Lord Shiva.
When I am in trouble
I always remember my God Shiva and
My troubles goes away.
This day is best to meet lord Shiva.

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Added 5 years ago

Bhole ki leela mein mujhe doob jane do,

Shiv ke charno mein shish jhukane do,

Aaj hai shivratri mere bhole baba ka din,

Aaj ke din mujhe bhole ke geet gane do.

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