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First take a screenshot of your desktop (by pressing 'prnt sq screen' in the keyboard), then hide your all icons in the desktop, then open paint and paste (ctrl+v) your screenshot in a new window. Go to file then save it and set it as desktop wallpaper. Done! Now tell your friend to click any icon on the desktop... Magic???

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Microsoft Internet Explorer
Keyboard Shortcuts
1. CTRL+B (Open the Organize
Favorites dialog box)
2. CTRL+E (Open the Search bar)
3. CTRL+F (Start the Find utility)
4. CTRL+H (Open the History bar)
5. CTRL+I (Open the Favorites bar)
6. CTRL+L (Open the Open dialog
7. CTRL+N (Start another instance
of the browser with the same
Web address)
8. CTRL+O (Open the Open dialog
box,the same as CTRL+L)
9. CTRL+P (Open the Print dialog
10. CTRL+R (Update the current
Web )

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How2 Delete All Cookies N History In Any WebBrowser?
Just Press
Ctrl + Shift + Delete
In Browsr Window

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Increase ur WEB BROWSER loading speed & save Time by 65%(both pc & mobi) ?
1) CLEAR CACHE MEMORY evry 10min !
2)set OFF IMAGES if no need . V

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→How to create partition without
formatting window in Window 7::
1• Firstly press "Windows+R" button and
type “compmgmt.msc” .
2•Now Choose “Disk Management” on left
3•Right click on any enough(regarding
space) disk and choose “Shrink” option.
4•Then enter the amount of new disk(as per
required you) then press bipulsahu7 “ OK”.

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