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Added 3 years ago

* F.r.i.e.n.d.s *

The People Who Make You
'Laugh A Little Louder'
Smile A Little Brighter'
'Make Your Life A Little Better...' *.* =):D:D

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Added 3 years ago


It's a Package of Feelings,
Nobody can Make it,
Nobody can Delete it,
Nobody can Explain it,
Only "We" can "Feel" it.:D:D

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Added 3 years ago

A Friend Is One That Knows You As You Are,
Understands Where You Have Been,

Accepts What You Have Become,
And Still, Gently Allows You To Grow.:D:D

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Added 3 years ago

A Friend Is Someone Who
Knows The Song
In Your Heart
And Can Sing It Back
To You When You Have
Forgotten The Words.:D:D

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Added 3 years ago

Paya Hai Jitna Pyaar Aapse,
Usse Bhi Jyada Pane Ko Ji Chahta Hai.

Na Jane Kaun Si Khubi Hai Aapme,
Dosti Nibhane Ko Ji Chahta Hai?:D:D

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