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Added 7 years ago

I kept your name in my JOURNAL,
and posted you in the LEDGER of my heart,
you wont be classified as FIXED ASSETS,
because the MARKET VALUE of friendship
will never DEPRECIATE from heart..

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Added 7 years ago

Life starts INTENSE,
But Ends with SILENSE.
Love starts with FEAR,
Buts ends with TEARS.
And Friendship starts HOWEVER,
Will always Remain FOREVER.

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Added 7 years ago

Friendship is a network that needs..
NO Recharge!
NO Roaming!
NO Validity!
NO activation!
NO Signal prbms!
Just don"t switch off ur Heart.

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Added 7 years ago

A friend is never a coincidence in your life,
they are meant to enter your life
to bring you joy and laughter.
So, i will treasure the friendship between u.

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Added 7 years ago

Wat u see as truth wat u see as lies
remember that true friendship never dies
although we may change & drift apart,
I will always value u deep within my heart!

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