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Added 4 years ago

Life Ke 5 Sach ...!

1- Maan Ke Siwa Koi Wafadar Nahin Hota.
2- Gareeb Ka Koi Dost Nahin Hota.
3- Izzat Sirf Paise Ki Hai, Insaan Ki Nahin.
4- Log Aaj Bhi Achhi Soch Ko Nahin,
Achhi Surat Ko Tarjeeh Dete Hai.

5- Sabse Zyada Dukh Wahi Saks Dega,
Jo Aapke Dil Ke Qareeb Hoga!!:D:D

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Added 4 years ago

Life Is Very Similar To A Boxing
Defeat Is Not Declared When U
Fall Down
It Is Declared When U Refuse To
Get Up...!

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Added 4 years ago

If U Cannot Find The Brighter
Side Of Life
Polish The Darker Side
Attitude Of Adjustment Is The
Only Instrument To Live A Good

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Added 4 years ago

Relations Are Like Electric Currents
Wrong Connection Will Give U Shock
Throughout Ur Life
The Right Ones Will Light Up Ur Life...!

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Added 4 years ago

Life Is Like A Flute
It May Have Many Holes And
If U Work On It Carefully
It Can Play Magical Melodies...!

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