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Added 2 years ago

All The Problems Are Stuck
Between Mind And Matter
If U Dont Mind
It Doesn't Matter...!

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Added 2 years ago

God Has Planned Happiness For
Each One Of Us At The Right Time
In Our Life
The Only Thing Is That, He Doesn't
Share His Calendar With Us
Enjoy Surprises..!

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Added 2 years ago

The Kite Give Us A Wonderful
Fly High
But Stay Connected
To The Ground
To Ur Roots
Or Else
U Will Be Lost..!

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Added 2 years ago

Stone Is Broken With The Last Stroke
Of Hammer
This Doesn't Mean That First Stroke Was
Success Is A Result Of Continuous Efforts..!

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Added 2 years ago

Dont Think U Are Nothing
Dont Think U Are Everything
Think U Are Something
U Can Achieve Anything..!

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