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Added 2 years ago

Always Remember Ur Present Situation
Is Not Ur Final Destination
The Best Is Yet To Come..!

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Added 2 years ago

कागज़' के 'नोटों' से 'आखिर'..
किस-किस' को खरीदोगे ' जनाब'
किस्मत' ' परखने' के लिए 'आज' भी '
सिक्का' हीं 'उछाला' जाता है|:D:D

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Added 2 years ago

Don't Look For Someone Who Will
Solve All Ur Problems
Look For Someone Who Won't Let
U Face Them All Alone..!

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Added 2 years ago

When U Stand Alone
Does Not Mean U Are Alone

It Means U Are Strong Enough
To Handle Things On Ur Own..!

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Added 2 years ago

Worry Is A Total Waste Of Time
It Doesn't Change Anything
All It Does Is Steal Ur Joy And
Keeps U Very Busy Doing Nothing..!

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