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Life is a notebook , 2 pages are already written by god .......
1st page is birth .
Last page is death .
Centre pages are empty .
Fill them with smile , love & sacrifice but not with ego and false attitude

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:Airtel effect:
Bikhari: "Uparwale Ke Naam Pe
1 Rupaya Dedo Baba...
Boy:" Chutte Nahi Hai...
Bhikhari:" Koi Baat Nahi Sunny
Leone Ka Video hi Dikha Do Saab 1
Rupaye Wala...

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→How to create partition without
formatting window in Window 7::
1• Firstly press "Windows+R" button and
type “compmgmt.msc” .
2•Now Choose “Disk Management” on left
3•Right click on any enough(regarding
space) disk and choose “Shrink” option.
4•Then enter the amount of new disk(as per
required you) then press bipulsahu7 “ OK”.

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Now you can unlock your samsung mobile
if you forget itz security password. Just
Follow the step's to useit:-
Steps- Step:-1) Just Dial From Your Samsung
Mobile *2767*3855#
If You Forget Password. . Step:-2) Then Your
Mobile Will Restart And Mobile Is
Successfully Unlocked..
NOTE- bipulsahu7 Backup Your Phone Memory i.e.
SMS,CONTACTS, Your Phone Memory Will
Clear. Trick 100% Working..

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→There are basically 7 TYPES OF GIRLS...
1• HARD DISK Girls:
Remember everything forever.
2• RAM Girls:
Forgets about you the moment you turn
her off.
Just for looking.
4• INTERNET Girls:
Difficult to access.
5• SERVER Girls:
Always busy when needed.
Makes horrible things looks beautiful.
7• VIRUS Girls :
These type of girls are normally called
once enters in your system don't leave even
after format.

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