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Apki Yaad Meri Jaan Hai Shayad,
Is Haqeeqat Se Ap Anjaan Hai,
Mujhe Khud Nahi Pata Ki Mera
Wajud Kya Hai, Shayad Apki
Dosti Hi Meri Pehchan Hai.

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Added 4 years ago

Sometimes in life.. it's difficult to decide what is wrong:

"A lie that draws a smile..."


"A truth that draws a tear.."

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Added 4 years ago

Two Places are most Valuable in this World:
The Nicest Place to be is in someone's Thoughts...
The Safest Place is to be in someone's Prayers...Gn

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Added 5 years ago

God always has something for u,
A key for every problem,
A light for every shadow,
A relief for every sorrow,
& a plan for every tomorrow.

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As we give, we find that sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven,
& we learn it was no sacrifice at all.

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