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Added 6 years ago

Zindagi k 7 Ahem kaam-
3)Entertainment .
5) .
6) .
7) ...
Love k Baad insaan
Kisi kaam ka nahi rhta.

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Added 6 years ago

forget to memory paswod this trick to recver yur paswod
Frst u need to hve a FileXplorer, which cn brwse throgh the system files/folders. Now, open FileXplorer.
1- go to C;/system
2- rename the file 'mmcstore' to 'mmcstore.txt'
3- open the file,file will open in Notes.
4- u will find d password in that file.That file would contain much moredata,which u cant understand,so u willneed to go through entire file to get the password.

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Added 6 years ago is a cool trick 2 update urfacebook status upside down...
1st go here... ...and type in your status. Then simplyclick on Flip Text n copy-paste the upside down text into ur Facebook status box..daatz ? now enjooyy hv fun..if u like it hit thanx

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Added 6 years ago

Meri barbadi par tu koi malal na karna,
bhul jana mera khyal na karna,
hum teri khusi k liye kafan ODH lenge,
pr tu meri laash se koi sawal na karna…

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Added 6 years ago

Dard ki bazaar bhari pari hai,
Wo cheez na lo jo andar se jali padi hai,
Wafa ki talaash chod do nadan,
Ye duniya Bewafai se bhari padi hai…

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